HTML Test: Effective Methods to Testing an HTML Website

If you love to code and create website designs then, HTML test is a common term for you. And when it comes to testing a HTML website, there are several ways to accomplish the job. Here are some effective ways to finish the job properly.

Gone are the days of offline shops, the modern age is devoted to online marketing and Google. Can you say exactly how many times you visit Google or how many times you visit any website to sort your requirements? Well, you don’t need to say the exact answer, as we are all same in this matter and we cannot say how frequently we visit Goggle or search for websites to get our requirements. Befitting with this modern requirement, here comes the need of Website, coding as well as HTML Test. As you prefer to test products or services before investing in it, a website requires the same, before launching. If you have done with your HTML website development and planning to live it, then this article is for you, follow the top ways of HTML testing to make sure that your website is ready to reach the customers.

Validate HTML Structure:

When it comes to HTML test, this point is the primary step to test the website. Therefore, you have to pay double attention to the matter. The HTML structure of a website is the primary factor to make the front end or appearance nice. If you have done the designing, then follow the below stated step to test the HTML coding.

Reach the Assertions Tab and select HTML validation from the drop-down list. Besides, this assertion does not depend on any input and if the testing fails, you will get an error alert and you can begin the process again.

Check the Specific HTML Elements:

There are some HTML elements, which will help you in HTML Test of the website, here are the elements to pay attention—

  • Page title
  • DOM element existence.
  • Confirming CSS classes.

To check these necessary things, you have to reach the Assertion configuration tab, then from the Assertion type drop-down, select Assert Text Body. The Assert text Body has two different inputs that are, Comparison and Target Value.

After confirming your Assertion Configuration, click on Save Assertion. If it fails, don’t be panicked, you will get the error notification and you can fix it again.

Link Check:

If your website contains broken links then, it will not reach the maximum customers surely. Therefore, no matter how carefully you have designed your site, before making it live, make sure that all the links are fine. To check the HTML test, here are the steps that you have to take—

Reach Assertions Tab, then click on the Link Check option. The Link Checker will do the job, without seeking any help to input configuration.

Making a website with HTML is easy, however, if you don’t pay attention to the HTML test then, your website may not reach the maximum visitors. To solve the issue, follow the mentioned ways and live your website successfully.

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