You want to decide the day and the moment that your apps have to be updated instead of they starting to update in the less convenient moment or in the most annoying. I know that feel when you’re using your phone and it gets slow because apps are getting updated, it bothers me a lot. So now I’ll show you how to turn off automatic updates in just some steps.

First thing you have to do is to enter in Google Play and go to menu, in the upper left corner.

The menu window will be open in the left side of the screen. Search the option “Settings” (almost in the end) and press it. This will take you to the Android’s app store settings section.

When you’re there, press Auto-update apps option. It’ll open a little settings window. Choose Do not auto-update apps.

If you want apps to auto-update again, you just have to go back to the settings, same procedure but choose Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

That’s all! Now you can choose when you want apps to update.

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