How to jump from a moving car?


There may be one day when the option to jump out of a moving vehicle may be less dangerous than staying in a car. If you were kidnapped, or if the car is damaged and you can’t stop. This will hurt you, but it could also save your life.

1- Look for some soft landing spot available as grass or soft ground. Recognizing that you will move at the speed of the car, synchronize your jump to shoot in the best possible place.

2- Think the success of this maneuver will increase dramatically if a 3-step process is used. CHOOSE-SET SPEED-JUMP. Choose a place 5 seconds ahead of the car, where there are no poles, bridges or obstacles ahead. Remember that at 35 mph (56 km / h), you will travel at 250 feet (~ 80 meters) during this maneuver before hitting the ground (5 seconds).

3- After, SET THE SPEED in parking with both hands; after, immediately open the door, and jump looking towards the back of the car and with your palms crossed firmly on your chest as if you were embracing.

4- Open the door and make sure it does not close in the middle of the jump.

5- Angulate your body forward and to the side. You must point in a direction that will take you away from the car and the rest of the traffic. Do not point behind the direction of the vehicle.

6- Jump with the body first. Try to keep your head and arms tight to your body.

7- Make sure you roll. You do not want to fall from the belly to the road.

Make sure to jump in front of the direction the vehicle is moving, so you do not turn to your side or back. If you jump backwards it will give you more than 55 miles per hour of speed or at the speed you are traveling.

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