How to get Boogie down emote?


The dances have become a hallmark of the game Fornite. Children (and not so children) dance on the streets around the world, appear in television ads, artist use and sports stars. Epic Games has taken advantage of the trend to encourage players and get the more of them protect their account.

The gift of the emote of Boogie Down is the perfect strategy to motivate its activation, and sure that from now on many more players will have their account protected.

How to get the dance of Boogie Down in Fortnite

To activate two-step authentication in Fortnite you have to follow the following steps:

  • Enter this link to go to the security section of your Fortnite account.
  • Search the section Authentication in two steps and click on the button Login in two steps. You will receive an email to verify the account.
  • After verification, go back to Settings> Password and security, and select if you want to receive the validation code in an authentication application or by sending an email message.

And that’s all! In two steps you get the Boogie down Dance in Fornite! So easy, isn’t it?

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