Essential facts about Linux Lite

Linux Lite can provide you with lightweight computer desktop experience. With this system, you can make an alluring desktop that you can definitely enjoy.

Will you love to have an amazing desktop screen? Would you like to see your PC desktop totally in a new condition with some special features that you can use? I think my readers will definitely agree with me to have a unique desktop screen that he or she can differentiate from others. But here you may ask the question of how to do the same? What software to install that can help to get a light, unique and comprehensive desktop experience? Do not worry as I can help you to do the same. Yes, you heard it absolutely right I can suggest your software or system that can help you with your PC desktop. Well, the name of the software that I am talking about is Linux Lite. In this article, I will discuss and make it easy for you to learn or gather knowledge about Linux Lite. So, let’s start.

What is Linux Lite?

Linux Lite is a system or rather to say it is a process of Linux distribution that is generally based on Ubuntu as well as Debian. This particular software got developed by Jerry Bezencon and his team. This was indeed a good endeavor in the arena of software and computer science. The Lite distribution helps to offer its users a lightweight experience of his or her desktop with the help of a customized version of the Xfce desktop environment. The Linux Lite incorporates a bunch of Lite applications that can help to make the user experience much easier especially for a beginner or starter.

Basically, the Linux Lite is an arc for operating systems. The software was crafted for a transition for Windows to a Linux system of operation.  This system supports an update once in five years term, which means if you update your system once then you can surely relax for the next five years.



Hardware configurations that you need for running Linux Lite.

For running Linux Lite we require specific hardware configurations that can enable the software to operate smoothly in our machine. Make sure to have the following required configurations so that you can easily run this particular software.

i) RAM- The RAM capacity varies from 768MB to 1024 MB if you increase the capacity it will run more smoothly.

ii) CPU- You need to have a CPU configuration ranging from 1 to 1.5 GHz processor.

iii) The capacity of storage- The storage space may vary from 8 GB to 20 GB. But remember 8GB is the minimum requirement. Below this, the software will not run smoothly.

iv) Screen resolution- You might require a screen resolution ranging from 1024×768 to 1366x 768 resolutions in VGA screen.

This software began its journey in the year 2013 and first launched Amethyst also known as Linux Lite 1.0.0. The entire software was designed to draw the attention of Windows user and to convert them for Linux. And also to eradicate the illusion that the users had about Linux that it is hard or difficult to use.

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