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Cadence Design Systems- a new destination for technology

Cadence Design Systems has added a new dimension to our modern-day technology and innovation. The American company or organization has given a new level when it comes to the advancement of technology.

Cadence Design Systems
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Do you use smartphones or computers? Do you play video games? Or, do you have electronic systems in your home? I think probably all of you going through my article will agree with me. At the current day scenario, we simply love to use various electronic gadgets or systems, use the same for our pass or leisure moments and even for our job either in office or in our home or rather to say everywhere we use these devices in our daily life.

But do you know or do you have an idea of how these systems get developed? How much research or innovation is required to develop all these systems? Or more specifically do you know or can you name some of the companies who are constantly engaged in developing all these technologies and systems?  If you are not aware let me give you some brief idea on the organization or company who are constantly giving their effort in this sector.

Have you ever heard or learned about the company Cadence Design Systems Inc? If you have not heard about this organization then let me help you out.

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What is Cadence Design Systems?

Cadence Design Systems (CDS), Inc. is actually an American multinational organization or company engaged in electronic system designing and automation programming as well as building administrations organization. The company got established in 1988 by the merger of the firm SDA Systems and also the ECAD, Inc.

The organization well acknowledged in the field for developing different genres of system-related programs, equipment as well as silicon structures for planning coordinated circuits, frameworks on chips (SoCs) and printed circuit sheets.

The products and services of this particular company or CDS are used in a variety of segments or industrial sectors like that of cloud datacenter, aerospace, IoT, mobile and various other consumer sectors. The company provides its Intelligent System Design blueprint to various other leaders of the industry.

Team members of the company.

 Board of Directors

 The Board of Directors of this organization includes –

i) Susan L. Bostrom– Ms. Susan is serving the company dedicatedly since 2011.

ii) Mark W. Adams – Mark Adams has filled in as chief of Cadence since 2015. He also filled in as Chief Executive Officer of Lumileds Holding B.V earlier.

iii) James D. Plummer- He is serving the company from 2011.

iv) John B. Shoven and many others.


The Executive team of the company.

i) Lip-Bu Tan ( CEO)

ii) Anirudh Devgan (PRESIDENT)

iii) Tina Jones ( Vice President, Human Resource)

iv) Nimish Modi ( Vice President Marketing) along with other members.

Products of the company

i) Signoff & digital technology

ii) Intellectual property designing

iii) Designing IC technologies

iv) PC cell designing

v) Chip designing and manufacturing, etc.

This company has indeed served a lot in the domain of science and technology-related services.

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