Tech News

imghow to corporate network security

network security assessment of Hotmail and network security threat in earlier  

imgworld famous software developers and programming language creators

famous popularity of programming languages  

imgWait to buy a new computer

If you want to buy a new computer than hold on for some days because Microsoft and apple generate a new model of computer. 

img now mesothelioma diagnosis with computer technology

Computer technology is participating in efforts to solve complex medical issues like mesothelioma diagnosis with physicians in IBMs Watson artificial intelligence computer Germany. 

imgUAE plans to create artificial mountain

United Arab Emirates began to plan of artificial mountains to cope with deteriorating weather conditions. 

imgLED screens are now on paper

Researchers have developed an electronic paper which is less than one micro-meters thick and acts like tablet but uses considerably less energy. 

imgStitche your patient with doctor robot

US scientists have invented soldering robot. 

img Japan will make like chameleon train

Japan company made a train that will change color like a chameleon . According to Japanese media reports, it has automated the ability to change color according to the surroundings Train 

imgThis bulb continuously burning one hundred fifteen years

The California Fire Station has a bulb that burns continuously 115 year 






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