imgDo not need to panic if mobile phones fall into the water

If your mobile fall into the water then no need to panic because today we are going to share with you some valuable tips. 

imgmicrosoft phone company constantly in deficit

microsoft phone company faced nu-limited problem. The company market share has been steadily declining in the smartphone market. 

imgsamsung group earnings may be affected

After taking back note7 from market samsung earning and profit may be affected and seam to be reduce. 

imgRead it before throwing old mobile phones

Old mobile which are not in use dont worry about them. 

imgGood news for selfie fans

We often beautiful moments captured in pictures and often do not see the photographer that group photo. Solve this problem by smartphone in the sense of selfie. 

imgChina introduced a flexible smartphone

Now new flexible mobile phone is available in china market 

imgKeep your Smartphone always new

After some months your new smartphone sluggish after a good performance 

imgBad news for blackberry users

Black berry company says that they will not be made smartphones now. 

imgWhy samsung galaxy note 7 production shutdown?

South Korean company Samsung has reportedly stopped production of its smartphone Galaxy Note 7 phones. 

imgInteresting fact behind emergency calls only on smartphone

What is the right meaning about emergency call only? 

imgLG nexus 6P explodes during charging

Claim by a Canadian man to Nexus 6P explodes when it was on charging  

imgQ4 2016 smart phone released by Nokia

First smartphone could be arrived end of the 2016 by nokia 






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