img6 best languages computer software programmer

We have published the listing of top 6 programming languages and their founder name. 

imgRedesigning paint app by microsoft as window 10 app

Easy paint app working with new version by micro-soft 

imgWhy window is always in default drive C?

Every one want to know that where is drive A and B... 

imgThis facebook store app can help what Facebook actually knows about you?

This facebook store app must be very important tool for a programmer or can say private data. 

imgDid you know the programming languages which is used by famous compnies

most popular programming languages used by top web 

imgwhat comes after terabyte storage Unit's Of Computer Memory Measurement.

See computer data storage units table for storage measurment 

img See Who will be next Bill Gates in Computer programming

May be he will be next bill gstes in computer programming. 

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